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Porcelain Veneers – White Settlement, TX

Smile Like the Stars

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At Prosmiles Dental & Orthodontics of White Settlement, watching patients see their brilliant new smile for the first time is the highlight of our days. Veneers can dramatically transform a smile, and this service is sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics.” A set of veneers can correct chips, stains, and even deeply discolored teeth. They can also alter the length and size of teeth or help give the appearance of a straight tooth, hiding crookedness. While it may sound dramatic, it isn’t. Veneers provide a highly conservative approach to esthetic smile makeovers!

Veneers are one of dentistry’s ultimate combinations of dental art and science, handcrafted and customized to fit your smile. These paper-thin pieces of porcelain bond to the outside of your natural teeth. But just because they’re thin, don't be fooled. Veneers are highly versatile and can replicate all the complex nuances of a natural tooth.

There’s a lot of diagnostic work and careful planning that goes into a treatment plan that includes veneers. Models, photographs, and digital X-rays allow you and our team to create a perfect blueprint to guide your treatment from start to finish. Like all successful projects, this planning can't be compromised. Dr. Lankupalli and Dr. Yamini will consider your input and incorporate your desires into your veneer case, from color to shape and everything in between.

Once Dr. Lankupalli and Dr. Yamini plan your case, it will take around two appointments before you leave with a stunning new smile. At the first visit, the teeth are gently prepared to allow space for the ultra-thin porcelain to be crafted by a master lab technician.

Dr. Lankupalli and Dr. Yamini will create temporary acrylic restorations that mimic the veneers, which you’ll wear for up to three weeks. These temporaries provide a preview of the general appearance of your new smile and lets you try it out to see if any further changes are needed.

After your veneers have been masterfully crafted to you and our doctors’ specific instructions, you'll return for a second appointment. Dr. Lankupalli and Dr. Yamini will place each veneer and evaluate the appearance and fit, giving you an opportunity to preview the new look. They will go through several steps to precisely bond the thin veneers to the surface of your teeth, creating an incredibly strong bond between enamel and porcelain. Minor adjustments to your bite and a final polish will leave you with a smile that may have you wondering why you waited so long to find Prosmiles Dental & Orthodontics of White Settlement.

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

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When choosing veneers, it’s important to understand that you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for the most beautiful, long lasting results, then your smile is always worth investing in. That said, it’s also vital that you choose the cosmetic service that best fits your needs. Read on to learn more about the cost of veneers in White Settlement and how they compare to other services.

Cost VS Cosmetic Dentistry: What’s Right for Me?

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We offer a variety of cosmetic treatment options that each achieve different goals for our patients. These include:

  • Braces: Designed to straighten teeth, braces allow patients to get the aligned smiled they’ve always wanted. However, treatment will usually cost between $5,000 and $6,000. Plus, braces will only correct the alignment of your teeth – not the color, shape, or size of your pearly whites. Also, there is a chance that your teeth become slightly stained or discolored after having braces on for over a year.
  • Teeth whitening: This service is one of the most affordable cosmetic treatments, and it conveniently whitens teeth in a single appointment. The downside is that effects will begin to wear off as soon as 3 months after your appointment, and whitening won’t correct chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth.
  • Direct bonding: This is the most affordable cosmetic option we offer. We use this tooth-colored resin to sculpt away and correct slight flaws like chips or cracks. The best part is that direct bonding can be performed in just one visit. But it can only be used for minor issues, and it will need to be redone every few years.
  • Veneers: Unlike the other options, veneers are the easiest way you can receive a complete smile transformation. Covering the front surfaces of your teeth, veneers conceal cracks and gaps while also correcting slightly misaligned teeth. They are also relatively stain-proof and can be matched to the shade of your desire. As an added bonus, you can get custom-made veneers in as little as 2 appointments from our cosmetic dentist in White Settlement.

How to Make Veneers Affordable

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Usually, veneers are not covered by dental insurance, however we are committed to cost-effective dentistry. We have multiple special offers, including free consultations to make it easier than ever to start saving on your dental care. Additionally, we have our own in-house membership plan where patients can enjoy all their necessary dentistry for the year AND 15% off the rest of our services, including veneers. Plus, we have alternative financing through CareCredit. With this solution, you’ll pick simple monthly payments based on your budget. If you’re ready to learn more about veneers in White Settlement, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your consultation.

Veneers FAQs

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Choosing veneers in White Settlement can give you the beautiful, fully transformed smile you desire, but do you have all the information you need to feel confident in your decision to move forward with cosmetic treatment? The team at ProSmiles Dental & Orthodontics of White Settlement is here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and deliver exceptional and long-lasting results. Below is a list of common questions about veneers asked by our patients. Striving to provide clear, concise answers, we will be happy to provide additional information and assistance should you need it. Simply call our office and schedule an appointment today.

What happens to the teeth under veneers?

The process of receiving customized veneers requires removing a small portion of tooth enamel from each tooth that will be covered; however, the actual veneer will not harm your natural teeth. But it’s important to remember that neglecting your oral health can have serious consequences. Just because you have veneers does not mean that bacteria and harmful acids cannot reach the teeth underneath. Tooth decay is still a potential problem, which is why you’ll need to maintain good oral habits by brushing twice a day, flossing at least once before bed, rinsing regularly, limiting your sugary and starch consumption, and keeping your regularly scheduled dental checkups and cleanings with your cosmetic dentist in White Settlement.

Will I still be able to drink coffee with veneers?

While it is true that veneers are more stain-resistant than traditional tooth enamel, their porcelain material is not impenetrable. Yes, porcelain is nonporous, so dark-colored beverages like coffee will have a much harder time piercing the surface but consuming too much can have a negative impact on your veneers. It is best to drink your coffee in moderation and use a straw if you want your new restorations to maintain their beautiful appearance for as long as possible.

How many veneers will I need?

Ultimately, the decision is yours as to how many teeth you want to cover with veneers, but the real goal is to ensure all your visible teeth match. When meeting with one of our skilled team members, we will provide you with our recommendation as to how many veneers we believe you will need. It is not uncommon for most people to have between 6 and 8 veneers put into place to create a uniformed, beautiful smile, but it’s also possible to get as many as 10-12. If only one tooth is damaged and needs coverage, we can also place a single veneer to cover a cracked or broken tooth.

How can I reduce the cost of veneers?

Because dental insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of your veneers, you will need to think about ways you can reduce your cost but still achieve the new and improved smile you desire. You might consider only covering those teeth that are most visible instead of all of them. You can also check to see if your dental office offers an in-office membership plan, which we proudly do! For one flat yearly fee, you can receive basic dental care as well as 15% off all other treatments. It is also possible to apply for a low or no interest payment plan through a third-party company like CareCredit. This will allow you to break up the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly installments.

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