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Complete Checkups

Regular dental visits are essential to oral health. We recommend all patients see us at least twice a year for a complete dental checkup. These important visits assist us in staying on top of your oral health, and they allow us to provide you with timely treatment if any noteworthy issues are discovered.

At your dental checkup, you will receive a professional teeth cleaning, digital X-rays when needed, and an oral cancer screening.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Also known as prophylaxis, a professional teeth cleaning is an excellent method for ensuring cleanliness throughout the entire mouth. We use special dental tools to eliminate all of the hard-to-remove plaque that has built-up. Our team also takes the opportunity to polish the teeth and get rid of any surface stains that are present. This careful process provides the patient with a sense of oral freshness that will last for many months. During this time, we also examine the patient for any signs or symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease.

Digital X-Rays

By taking digital X-rays, we can safely and instantly view the hidden areas of the patient’s mouth and oral structures. This allows us to uncover possible dental health issues that would otherwise be invisible, while also obtaining a better understanding of any symptoms that the patient is experiencing. Once we learn the exact cause of the problem, we can provide the patient with the best possible method of treatment. Even patients who are not actively experiencing any oral health issues can benefit from digital X-rays by allowing us to catch any issues before symptoms arise.

Oral Cancer Screening

The dental care team at ProSmiles Dental works hard to catch oral cancer in its earliest stages so that we can provide patients with the most effective treatment possible. We conduct an oral cancer screening during every dental checkup by taking the time to carefully examine the patient’s lips, tongue, face, throat and oral tissues.

Fluoride Treatments

Highly effective in preventing tooth decay and strengthening tooth enamel, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in certain foods and water. Patients who are at high risk of experiencing tooth decay can benefit from supplemental fluoride applications that are designed to strengthen the teeth and prevent damage from occurring. We apply the fluoride directly to the teeth in the form of a gel, foam or varnish. This simple procedure is provided to patients as needed, and it can be easily completed during any dental checkup.

Our dedicated team looks forward to providing you with outstanding treatment and service during your next complete dental checkup. Please call us at (817) 918-2040 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"I absolutely love this clinic the ladies are amazing, caring, loving & always smiling. As for the Doctor he explained in great detail what he was doing and constantly asking if i'm okay. As for the kids they love it staff is GREAT with all of them and very patient!!! I 100% recommend ProSmiles Dental GREAT JOB GUYS!!!"

Yesenia S Yesenia S.

"I've been looking for a new dentist after dealing with a few duds, and I've found where I'm going to stay. The office is very neat, clean, and modern, which is reassuring when walking in for the first time. Everyone there, from front office staff, to dental assistants, to the dentist I saw were all wonderful. They took good care of me and got me set up for regular visits in the future that I'm actually excited about. Bonus: There's Netflix to peruse while sitting in the dental chair. I'm sold!"

Hannah W Hannah W.

"This dentistry is the best ever. The receptionists and doctor was totally out of this world. They explained everything from the procedures to the cost before anything was done. Very friendly and gentle. I couldn't believe that when the doctor pulled my tooth that couldn't be saved, it was over just like that. I didn't even know he pulled it. That's how gentle this doctor was. I will highly recommend this place Prosmiles. Hands down!!!"

Liz F Liz F.
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